Responsive design is famous these days.  It’s a brand new and revolutionary manner of designing to develop websites which will be compatible for PC and laptop as well as for the latest generation of tablet and mobile users. Right now it is recommended either to develop separate websites dedicated to the mobiles or tablets with separate url or use a tool which will find the target devices and direct the users to the device specific site. 

The device identification scripts that may be used to determine the mobile devices can face problem in tracking the huge number of mobile devices are continuously hitting the market every other day.

Developing and maintaining such a big amount of tablets and mobile specific sites could take countless time and may be more expensive than the normal.

Responsive style facilitates with a comparatively better solution for the disintegration of the web devices. The foremost necessary target is to make a sequence of scalable designs intended towards the particular group of devices by utilizing scaling images and flexible grids. Web browsers provide information on the maximum range of pixel width that they support with the help of a CSS element that’s termed as a media query. This value helps us to assume about the target devices because the maximum size of the width will be nearly the size of the screen of the device.

Instead of developing totally different websites with different contents, separate interfaces or artistic parts, it's good to develop a responsive web site that may alter and scale the layers, which are for presentation, to supply the simplest feel inside the screen space available.

Many of us think that responsive style ought to be taken into consideration for each new web site coming up with project. Though this may not be possible for all projects due to the factors like budget, time, technical experience and target market. However a minimum of it ought to discuss while planning for web designing.

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