Designing mobile friendly web app is not easy on Android due to fragmentation issues, but it quite easy and offer advance options to bring excellent user experiences in case of iOS devices, iPhone in particular. Let’s check how we can do excellent work with the least trade off.

Over time, Apple has grabbed big chunk of market share of smartphone users through unveiling series of advanced iPhone and iOS. It has captured affluent class of smartphone users in US chiefly and its share is roughly 180 million people.
In other words, those are 75% of all mobile subscribers in USA.
If you intend to push your business, brand, or cause on mobile landscape, developing mobile-friendly website or mobile web app is highly efficient and cost-effective strategy. No doubt, native mobile applications are great for excellent user experiences, but they are costly affairs due to fragmentation on mobile OS platforms.
Therefore, considering mobile web app or mobile-friendly website with responsive design is great way to achieve our targets.
Drawbacks of Android
Android OS is opensource project and does not hold any control over hardware side. There are multiple mobile devices manufacturers offer Android devices with different standards and capacities.
These ultimately turn into Android hardware fragmentations. Moreover, Android OS users have freedom to run any back version of OS without any compulsion of compatibility issues.
These ways Android app developers have headache while designing any Android app and testing it on myriad of devices and browsers.
Apple Advantages
Against these Android drawbacks, Apple are offering consistency and updated user experiences, on its devices as well as on iOS. It is proprietary mobile platform so it can do these all easily by controlling App store approvals and lock iOS devices with iOS itself.
Web App or Website Design Hints for Hire iPhone Developers
If you are going to hire team of seasoned iPhone app developersfor your mobile friendly web app or website with web services integrated in backend, you should take care of following things in design and programming.
#1: Simple and Smooth Navigation
iPhone and iPad are sleek and intuitive devices with high-end touch experiences. Therefore, Apple has released some strict app designing guidelines.
If you religiously follow those guidelines and some good hints for better user experience designing, you can win its users forever. Navigation and screen flow are prime concerns for excellent user experience designing.
In order to respect smaller screen size of iPhone,
  • Your iPhone designers need to slice as much as UI elements for navigation.
  • Your iPhone developers have to use smart UI elements for navigation and other purposes instead of long or big texts.
  • Modern iPhone app developers use off-canvas navigation schemes to reduce clutter on screen and cover maximum navigational items.
  • Using tool tips or onboarding techniques to guide first time users or offer contextual navigation are trendy techniques for smooth screen flow.
#2: Smart Layouts
No doubt, web apps and mobile friendly websites have high-end web services integration and demand multiple column layout designing. However, restricting up to single column layout and shifting abilities to horizontal or vertical orientation if needed for multiple column layouts.
Using images and other multimedia content sparingly is the best way to improve loading and performance of iPhone web app.
#3 Smart UI Elements
Text is the major part of any mobile UI and readability on mobile devices is a big challenge for mobile developers. Therefore, addressing needs of tiny screen of iPhone like smartphone is a bit tricky affair.
Your hire iPhone app developers should use appropriate font size, not too large, not too small font size are need to maintain.
Links are not allowed on iPhone or other mobile devices so you have to use buttons instead or make links tappable against clickable.
Besides these, there are several UI designing and programming hints, which need special considerations when you go for iPhone friendly web app or website designing and development. Fortunately,hire iPhone app developer team at Mindinventory is accustomed with those all compulsions and trends to bring desired results for your project at very low budget and quick turnaround time.
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