In the fifteen years since seventeen software developers met at a Utah resort and hammered out the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, Agile methodologies for building software have become the predominant approach worldwide. Yet, while there is broad agreement that Agile improves the chances of successful software initiatives as compared to the deeply flawed waterfall approach, Agile still faces many challenges, even after so many years.

Fifteen years is a long time in IT, after all. Technology refreshes occur typically once every three years. Given the increasingly rapid pace of change – not only in the software world, but across today’s increasingly software-driven business environment – perhaps we should move on. Is it finally time to kill Agile
Problems with Agile Continue to Pile Up
Even though the lightweight, iterative roots of Agile go back well into the 1950s, the 2001 creation of the Agile Manifesto (as it’s come to be called) has become a watershed moment for the approach, defining its four core values and a dozen principles for driving the creation of better software.
In and of itself, however, Agile has never been a methodology. Rather, methodologies like Scrum and Extreme Programming rose to the fore, espousing the principles of Agile. Today, Scrum in particular has achieved a remarkable level of adoption.
Nevertheless, the problems and limitations of Scrum and the broader Agile movement have proven surprisingly persistent, in spite of the throngs of very smart people who have worked in various capacities with Agile over the years.
The numerous complaints about Agile include its lack of focus on software architecture, its emphasis on one-off software projects as opposed to building reusable code, and the reinforcement of the notion that the software development team is a self-contained group, as opposed to participants in a broader collaborative effort.
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