Forget Lollipop…now, it’s all about the Marshmallow, baby. The latest version of the Android operating system is a whole new frontier in the app development landscape. So get in on the ground floor now and keep your tech cred high with this all-inclusive Android Expert’s Coding Bundle of courses, available for any price you want to pay right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.
  • Master Marshmallow App Design Using Java:  Marshmallow feels familiar, but even old-guard programmers can learn from this comprehensive run-through of everything it takes to build in this new development tech.
  • Java Programming for Beginners:  Java is the language of the app world, including Android and Marshmallow…so learn Java variables, loops, functions and conditionals to take you from novice to expert in one all-encompassing course.
  • Java Essentials for Android:  Take your Java skills to the next level and see how it all fits with Android development in this premium app-building instruction set.
  • Build Android Apps with the Marshmallow Studio Course:  Follow the app building process to produce four fully-functioning app creations, all helping you master the versatile Marshmallow Studio environment.
  • Learn to Reskin Android Apps for Fun & Profit: Fun’s good…but profit’s even better! Know the skills needed to put a fresh face on Android staple — then publish your app for real-world buyers in the Google Play Store or Android Marketplace
Pay whatever price you want to get a portion of this course bundle — or beat the average price paid by other buyers (right now, around $11) and you’ll get the fully upgraded package. Find out what’ll it’ll take to grab it all right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.
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  1. Marshmallow is the one of the best update by google. You should now deeply about this newest version of google. I think this post reveals all facts that most of never knows about marshmallow.


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