Hiring trends are always in flux. A recent article at CIO took a dive into five of the most in-demand skill sets in software development that IT employers are looking for in potential employees.
Mobile continues to be in high demand, as companies such as Google and Bingbegin to prioritize mobile-friendly sites.  As important as mobile development experience in the workplace is, John VanderSande of WinterWyman told CIO that the "market will continue to open up for those with side (hobby) projects in iOS or Android."
Big data just won't stop growing, creating demand for data analysts who can handle the massive amounts of data companies are collecting. Experience with Hadoop, Spark and others will be "highly sought after," VanderSande noted.

Cloud computing will be another skill needed in the enterprise, as will cloud security. Breaches like those seen by iCloud are reason enough to ensure your cloud-stored information is safe. Skills in platforms like Amazon's and OpenStack's cloud tech will be desired by IT teams.
DevOps software development will help "to close the gap between developers and operations to help better serve customers and clients," the CIO article noted. DevOps is still a relatively new concept, though it's been quickly adopted into IT functions within the enterprise. "Any opportunity to pick up Ruby or Python (or any modern scripting language) as well as cloud management/monitoring tools and technologies can help differentiate your resume from the pack," explained VanderSande.
VanderSande also expressed that user-interface engineers are in-demand, who help ensure a smooth experience with end users. This is important in the creation of enterprise applications, software and mobile apps. Skills needed include "the latest Javascript MVC framework as well as Angular.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js and other related languages skills," the CIO article explained. 

Ref: http://www.fiercecio.com/story/5-skills-employers-want-see-when-hiring-software-developers/2015-05-19



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