These days, eCommerce is at its peak. Most of the companies are boarding online. Many companies also have mobile phone applications so that they are at reach on a customer’s finger tip. Let’s find out how can one make a website mobile phone friendly one.

Website fits in the size of a mobile phone

Sandeep Koujalgi cofounder for Kyash a start-up that works as a platform for offline payments anywhere in India says, ”Whenever somebody creates a website he or she must ensure that it should be a “Responsive website”. Here, the word “Responsive” means the website should be mobile phone friendly. If the customer is accessing the website, in that case, the website should be able to fit in the size of the mobile phone. The display should be responsive whether on laptop computer or a smart phone. ”

Loads & displays well on mobile

To make it mobile friendly, one can seek help of experts or can approach platforms like Kart rocket. Vishesh Khurana cofounder of Kartrocket says, “As you’re creating your website on a desktop computer, keep in mind that many of your visitors will be visiting your site from their mobile phones. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly—one that loads and displays correctly on a mobile device so visitors can have the best user experience.

Take the Mobile-Friendly Test

Use these resources to ensure your site is mobile-friendly: Take the Mobile-Friendly Test to see if pages on your site are already mobile-friendly. If you’re using a content management system (CMS) such as Word Press or a platform offered by your hosting provider to build your site with themes, designs and templates, see if the software or platform is listed in our Customize Your Software tutorials. Each tutorial has step-by-step instructions on making your website themes and templates mobile-friendly.” He has further added that all of this is mostly done while creating a website itself and people can go to various platforms.

Ensure applications are light weight

Mangesh Stavyah the Director of Stavyah technologies says “There are two things. It is very easy to make mobile-friendly websites. One is, during the making of the website itself, you make a responsive website. The second is, the light weight applications we build for mobile apps. They are light weight applications.”



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