Many of us have had this problem:  we've run out of storage on our iPhone or iPad, and don't want to upgrade to a model with higher capacity, or, worst, there is no model with enough capacity to satisfy our need.  Fortunately, there are many solutions to this problem.
You're probably already familiar with one option, which is to use cloud storage.  Apple has its own Cloud solution, which can be used to store music, photos, videos, podcasts, books, and even files on Apple's servers, and make them available to download as needed.  This has the advantage of using an integrated service to offload data, at a fairly reasonable price.  As long as you have access to an Internet connection, you have access to this data.
Similarly, there are other products and services which will let you store data and retrieve it to your device as needed.  Box and Dropbox both offer this capability using free apps that will let you access and manage data you've stored on their servers.
Some of us would rather keep the data off the Internet, and be able to access without being online.  There are many options here as well, including some multi-function devices, like IOGEAR's MediaShair Wireless Media Hub, which will let you connect SD cards, flash drives, and even USB hard drives, while also letting you use a hard-wired network connection to provide wireless service to your mobile devices, if needed; and more simple units that can connect via your Lightning or USB port and provide flash drive storage, such as SanDisk's iXpand Flash Drive, or Leef's iBRIDGE Mobile Memory.  All of these solutions will let you keep large amounts of data with you and available for use with your iPhone or iPad, without relying on an Internet connection (and possibly costing you money for data use).


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