Anyone can Create an App With Excel Knowledge Without Coding - Use Functions in Excel to Define Application Logic - Applicable to Unstructured Processes That Traditionally use Excel - XLApp was Selected for InTech50 2015 GoDB Tech.
A software product firm specializing in mobility solutions for enterprises, has now innovated a product for the latest mobile platform - smartphones. An app that can be created by anyone using a basic Excel knowledge.
Excel is the most widely used business software in the enterprise space with over 750 million+ users worldwide. Excel is used for basic calculation, budgeting onwards to complex financial modeling.
GoDB Tech has conceptualized a product that can convert any Excel file into an App, without coding. Business managers can now use their Excel knowledge for developing mobile apps and reduce the development time from weeks to a few hours.
The process is as follows Step 1: The user can model/design the app in Excel using the existing functions of Excel and also can define custom cells to capture image, GPS, Barcode, etc., by just naming the cells in Excel.
Step 2: Upload the file into XLApp server, which will convert it into an app.
Step 3: Share the app via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, mail etc. XLApp supports all leading smartphone OS like iOS, Android, Windows and PCs and is available for download from respective app stores. With one click, the apps developed with XLApp could be social enabled.
People are more comfortable with using mobile apps, but most business processes are in Excel. With the number of smartphone users growing exponentially, it has become increasingly important for businesses to enable these processes on mobile. XLApp is a cloud-based service. With XLApp, anyone can develop a mobile app with just Excel knowledge. It is the fastest way to develop a mobile app without any coding.



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